FitScrypt Token

FitScrypt is a community driven project that will launch on the Proof of Meme Chain.  FitScrypt was created to capture the fitness market and safely onboard a new community to the Web 3.0 revolution.  Under leadership of a doxed team, FitScrypt will set standards in transparency and offer true utility in the crypto market.  Having proven the minimum viable product and attracting the first wave of supporters, FitScrypt will change the fitness and crypto industry forever. 

How To Buy FitScrypt

  1. Connect Your Wallet to POMSwap
  2. Deposit POM into Your Defi Wallet
  3. Find & Select FitScrypt as the Output Currency
  4. Set Slippage at 4-5% in the Settings Menu
  5. Set the Amount You Want to Purchase 
  6. Select Swap and Confirm the Wallet Transaction
  7. ***FitScrypt will not be available for purchase until launch***

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

FitScrypt token is a cryptocurrency that represents all of the community efforts and developer applications behind the FitScrypt revolution.

FitScrypt will launch on the Proof of Meme Blockchain in November 2022.

All development funds will be used to expand the community and create education tools.  The token itself will be used as governance for application features and requests.

Join the FitScrypt community by accessing the Telegram link listed on our website.  Once you have reached the entry portal, solve the captcha and join using the invite link.